I have such hope for my country with Obama in office.

But it sucks that the media is framing the defeat of Proposition 8 by blaming Blacks who were not the majority of voters. This wonk math only re-enforces assumptions that hurt us all.

Maybe now the queer community will finally start to address racism?

To further the civil rights of all, clearly more of our GLBT monies need to support groups who build bridges amongst other oppressed people. The Right with all it’s money and might is definitely reaching out across racial lines. The church is far more structured, organized, passionate, and MONIED than we are, and let’s be clear — the church is where the real opposition lies.

My mama was a soda jerk in a drug store where Blacks were not allowed to sit. I’ve been out as a honkin’ homo for nearly 30 years — lost a few jobs and been beaten for who I am. I am so grateful to witness change in my lifetime.

All humanity is rolling slowly toward Love, and that is what the Civil Rights Movement is to me — our evolution. Prop 8 isn’t going to go away. Love is made of steel, and the edges of this issue will sharpen until it is a sword.


  1. daddydyke

    I read a quote that said:

    Rosa sat so Martin could walk.
    Martin walked so Obama could run.
    Obama is running so our children can fly.

    I am not exactly sure why but that quote flooded my body with emotions. I believe those 3 sentences are some of the most powerful I have ever heard.

  2. blues_gal

    That’s beautiful!!!

    I believe that the courts will overturn it once again. I don’t think it’s the blacks ‘fault’ anymore than it’ the whites ‘fault’ that it passed in Arizona.

    The fact is that when it ran in 2000 (the same language) that it passed by 61% this time, 51%. That’s great progress in under a decade.

    It’ll be a no brainer soon, but I’m so glad that everyone is protesting and speaking out. We need to show them that this is just as stupid as Alabama putting on the ballot “takes away the rights for blacks (1/8 or more) to marry whites”.

    That was on the books too.

  3. egvandrer

    In Norway the state controls the church, so when the church tries to discriminate there will be problems. I’m not saying that is necessarily the best solution, but it does insure the rights of gay and lesbian priests to work and what not.

    I’m not a religious person, but went to a church meeting here in Alaska ones when a friend of mine sang in a concert. Man, they where talking so much politics! They where all laughing at how stupid scientists where, and how it was wrong to collect knowledge and stuff. I was shocked! But it seems here in the us people takes their preaching with their politics.

    ok, I’m rambling.

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