1. urbanminstrel

    Your photographs really bring me into where you are! I love them! Love you too, and hope you’re doing okay my dear friend. Please keep taking photos; your artist’s eyes really are splendid.

  2. rev_hank

    I love that your out shooting!
    and I love your new hood!
    and the pics of Meesh at homecoming are ta die.
    She’s something else, buddy.
    You got yer HANDS full!


  3. b_bit

    Wow!! Those are great!! Wichita is nowhere near that colorful, although parts of Phoenix were.

    The ones where the murals are mostly scraped off leave me sad… I hate to see art untended and dying like that.

    I’m a total amateur with the camera, but you make me want to photograph the marquee of the nearby dinner theater. Actually, if one pays attention to details, there’s a lot that worthy of photos in the buildings around here. I might have to try my hand at it… thanks for the inspiration!


  4. blue_braces

    Beautiful pics!

    We met briefly in Dallas at a BF event, and we have a few LJ friends in common (including my beloved, ). I added you as a friend, and would love to be added back.

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