1. huskyone

    My absolute favorite symbol of Catholicism is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I could get myself a damn fine statue at that place! I would be fascinated there.

  2. daddyrhon

    Yeah, they have all these cool lotions and oils and potions printed with beautiful artwork and all kinds of promises in Spanish. There are tons of botanicas in this neighborhood, but that particular one has the sickest lighting. lol I knew I would sneak back later to snap the lord’s portrait in the night.

  3. b_bit

    That second one gave me the shivers, and not in any good way. Dang, I’m still creeped out even after all the wonderful Day of the Dead statues!

    *muses, surprised* sheesh… have I done a 180 since young adulthood or WHAT? Was a time I couldn’t even have looked at Day of the Dead iconography….

    Utterly cool series, Rhon.


  4. daddyrhon

    I bet those all those tortured Jesus’s there would freak your shit out bro lol I was thinking of you the whole time. I dont think its a chain. Its a funky mom n pop place here.

  5. cracksback

    Yeah, it’s a real crappy mom and pop place here too…..and all the shit written on the windows is in Spanish. People I know who went in there got creeped out. It’s why I never have went in. It just looks shady.

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