Tonight was homecoming

Here’s Meesh sewing her black rose wrist corsage.

Lil emo goes to a wake…sheesh. I can hear hell’s bells.

I had to remind her of that time my pants fell just to make her smile.

Yeah. My kid loves a camera.

She’s not lost in the streets of Toyoko. We are in my truck, driving home. Dunno where those colors came from, but it looks freaky.

Hugging herself for sheer dramatic appeal.

And home again, sleepy and all ready for bed.


  1. daddyrhon

    Thanks, Stac. If we were neighbors, we could photograph each other’s kids and get a whole different perspective. I love it when you post pics of your babies. Glad you and Mike saw some friends at the bash. Hate that I missed seeing you two.

  2. ashtonstoneking

    She get more beautiful each time I see her, and her outfit rocks! She does indeed love the camera but also she loves you it shows in every shot. Not that I could come close to picking just one favorite but I really think the one in the truck is really cool!!

  3. blues_gal

    I flippin’ LOVE that hat!!

    She looks beautiful. I’m also a fan of the truck pic and the smiley open mouth one.

    She reminds me of the 90’s and hanging out in goth clubs…but don’t tell her!! Kids like to think they are the first 🙂

  4. urbanminstrel

    The camera loves her too, and certainly the photographer does. I totally adore her sense of style! Meesha definitely’s got it going on! Big hugs and lots of love.

  5. b_bit

    Oh, my! What great pics! What a great kid!

    It makes me smile every time you call her “lil emo” lol… so apt! It totally shows in the pics.

  6. daddyrhon

    Re: P.S.

    Come visit, bro. I haven’t seen you in a million years and it would do us both good to share a day shootin’ the shit and shooting pics. I love you so much, Ashman!

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