poem: the way of the river

the way of the river

what if when you knelt
& ran your fingers through the water,
you slipped and fell into a furious river?

the source of life shocking warm skin
& seizing a heart
feet rutted in the sucking silt of love
while rage flowed around you

loosened your hold
took you downstream
fists flailing
to the calm of your surrender

imagine the quiet after the roar
when you stood on wobbly legs
& realized you were not dead
but drenched
& more alive


rhon drinkwater © 2008


  1. nightsinge

    “God’s gonna trouble the water”

    Beautiful, thank you.

    It’s like you’ve captured the essence of “Wade in the Water,” one of my favorite spirituals.

    And fuck–I have no water icon? That’s just wrong.

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