Stay on my friend’s list — how to subscribe to my feed

Hey all. Some time ago, I migrated my blog to it’s own domain ( and imported most of my 3 years worth of Live Journal content. I’m really not posting on LJ much anymore, but I sure don’t want to lose touch with my friends here! You can still read my posts in your Live Journal friend’s list, but first you have to subscribe to my RSS feed.

EASY. Just clicky the guy’s head with the plus sign on the link below and you will be all set.

On, I’m just being my usual smartass self and sharing unusual links and photos. I’m hoping to eventually reach a larger audience with my art and creative writing.

On thing, when you comment on my posts, please use the COMMENT button that is part of the feed instead of the Live Journal comment button. You’ll see what I mean when you subscribe.



  1. huskyone

    My only question is, will anyone who goes to your blog be able to read our LiveJournal replies to your posts? In other words, on LJ only folks on our friends list get to see it. Will this still be the case?

  2. huskyone

    Yes, but you’re on Rhon’s LJ friends list and so am I so that’s why we can see each other’s comments. You’re not John Q. Public.

  3. daddyrhon

    Actually, this post is public. On LJ, privacy when it comes to comments depends on what the other person’s journal settings are for each of their individual posts, and also depends on whether the journal owner changes the settings later.

  4. huskyone

    Hey Rhon, thanks for the head’s up. I am still somewhat new to LJ and didn’t realize that my comments were sometimes public. I’ll check from now on before responding!

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