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This hulk below is the watery remains of the S.S. Selma, a 6 ton concrete ship from WWI. The background shows the smokestacks of the refineries in Texas City. The water and the sky are both gray and polluted.

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As kids, we often pulled our shirt up over our mouths when we outside due to the smell from the oil refineries and chemical plants.

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In the 40’s, one of the worst industrial accidents of all time happened in Texas City when a ship full of chemicals exploded at the docks. Over 600 people died instantly in a blast so fierce, two planes fell from the sky. The 10 thousand pound anchor from the ship landed a half mile away, buried completely in the ground. The city burned out of control for days and my high school was turned into a morgue.

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Home. Sweet home.

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Daddy Rhon is known as an outlaw poet, author, artist, speaker, kinkster, web developer, community organizer, queer activist, and a founding leader of the genderqueer movement

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  1. smmopah
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  2. kits_meow
    kits_meow at |


    I suppose there are many places like this in the US though. I’m glad this one was there – it was your birthplace, in all your wondrous complexity. If it hadn’t been there, you would have developed differently, perhaps into someone not quite as amazing as you.

    Thanks Texas City.

  3. mamakai
    mamakai at |

    Very sad…


    Hey but you know something, there is ONE HECK of a bright spot about that town!!


  4. bodelian
    bodelian at |

    I lived in Pasadena, TX for a year from 2001-2002.

    I remember my friend’s dad coming over and saying that there was napalm on the tracks waiting for disposal- if it blew up it would be like a nuclear bomb. There would be a crater where Pasadena used to be.

    I swore I’d never live in Texas, but managed to for two years. I am still struck by the experience of living there and the people who changed my life forever in knowing them. I have an appreciation for Texans I never did until I lived there.

    Thanks for sharing this, Rhon.

  5. cracksback
    cracksback at |

    Looks familiar except the explosion and the ocean. At least you had the ocean huh? I’m glad you come outta them parts all shiny and bright. You tough mofo!

  6. offroadbutch
    offroadbutch at |

    All that brings back memories for me as well Rhon. The “Pasadena Perfume” I could do without though.

  7. 00thinker00
    00thinker00 at |

    …sure explains why our trips back are few and far between…huh?

  8. butchnnorcal
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    Damn Rhon, I think I remember reading about that blast in school, such history we need never forget. Thank you for this.

  9. logan1231
    logan1231 at |

    Texas City is actually the real purgatory. It may even be Hell. Wait, that may be Beaumont, where I grew up. Smelled just like Texas City did. lol

    Glad you got out Hell Boy!

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