Biggo Gulp of Haterade

I walk this earth blissfully unaware in any crowd there could be a bigot who believes I should be beheaded or stoned in the street. Once in a restaurant, a really scary man jumped up, knocked his chair over and said he was too sick to eat. He stood glaring red at me from just a few feet away, huffing and clenching his fists. Simply from the sight of me buttering a piece of bread. Years before I was beaten bloody by the owner of a burger joint and thrown into the muddy street with my clothes torn, cuts on my face and black bruises deepening on my body. The cops got my three bucks back and told me he had the right to refuse service. The place was packed and the assault was witnessed by at least 30 people. I do have a mouth, but I swear that day my mouth was on a french fry and his fists came out of nowhere. That man must be ancient by now, but remembering that day, I still want to drive back down to San Antonio just to pound his fucking face in on behalf of every obvious homo who has been assaulted simply for existing.

Yesterday me and my girls enjoyed dinner at a friend’s apartment and took a dip in the pool. I was carrying babygirl in my arms and the very second I leaned in to kiss her lips, a young mother went ballistic. She screamed that she didn’t “believe” in homosexuality (am I Santa Claus?) and we had no right be around children who don’t need to be exposed to sin. Her fury was so righteous, she could hardly spit her words out, squared off and threatening me with the finger of shame.

My 13 year old kid who takes on such ignorance at her school started yelling that everyone has a right to be who they are. The temper I inherited from my mother ignited like fireworks on the Fourth. I  told her she doesn’t know me, and I might be crazy as fuck and might just stomp her fucking ass for speaking to me or my family at all. I think I also told her she should go watch a documentary on the Logo channel. lol A young straight guy approached to calm this woman because she was absolute war mode, but she was still frothing stupid shit like “gay marriage is not legal … not in Texas!” He lost his cool over her utter ignorance and cussed her out too. She ordered all of her children out of the pool so they wouldn’t catch the gay gene. I told her chances are good one of her skinny boys will have a bent wrist. I don’t know how homophobes can exist in this day and not realize queers are designing the clothes they wear, making their tacos with their bare hands, and teaching their children to read.

To comfort ourselves, the group of us tried to joke about it afterwords. The pool rules said no open sores, no diapers, no nasal or ear drainage, but nothing about homos, that kind of thing. But being confronted with out of control violence was shocking and appalling, and truly shadowed a sunny day meant for celebrating our freedom. My babygirl was especially quiet on the ride home. She just came out a year ago and didn’t realize how her Daddy walks in the world.

Just down the road this past pride weekend, a gang of gay-bashing officers tackled patrons in a queer bar Stonewall style and cracked one poor faggot’s skull. They handcuffed 7 for drinking. In a bar. Imagine that.

I gotta get the fuck out of Texas, ya’ll. I’ve been out for more than 30 years, but this old battleship Butch is growing too old for combat.


  1. Cassy

    I ran into the same thing at a McDonald’s in PA. I’m from VT and I don’t run into it here. A woman informed me that PA was about 5 years behind the rest of the country but that was OK because the “homosexuals and the drugs haven’t made it here yet”

    Sucks that bigotry is still alive and well.

  2. Post

    I remember that day /night all to well DR.Hope all is going ok with you and the family. Still trying to find a job down here in Houston, but will check back later

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