**EDIT: Originally this was a private post shared only with my friends. I do not use my blog for public drama, but decided this post make it public in response to my ex who has constantly defamed me since our divorce. I didn’t do anything to my ex or to my community and I am not going to defend my character any further.


Someone (cough cough) allowed butch-femme.com’s domain to expire this year while it was registered in the name of MICKEY MOUSE…

and now I see butchfemmedating.com has expired too…. even tho no one ever signed up for it and the plan was to cash in come April… hmm.

Right around the holidays, the lone administrator for Butch-Femme.com publicly addressed community suspicions concerning the fact that there have been nooooo monthly financial reports as promised since last OCTOBER from the mighty Board of Trustees. She assured everyone there would be a financial report forthcoming at the end of JANUARY.


It’s the middle of MARCH. 

She never cared about that site and screamed at me all the time to shut it down. Truth.

Yesterday, some guy emailed us both asking if Butch-Femme.com was for sale, which it probably will be when we go to court. I won’t even share snippets of her hate-filled ugly responses to his simple inquiry. I apologized to the poor guy, and tried not respond in kind to my ex, although I do want her to know all the hate she invested was wasted. Despite all her lies and manipulation, I landed on my feet with my integrity intact. Although she may have sullied my reputation. my good heart is still mine. Really, I was ready to just write off the losses and move on, but in hindsight I am grateful she insisted on rescheduling our court date again. I don’t know if she is unhinged, or just fully unleashed at last, but she needs to be checked. Sadly she’s already shot off her own beautiful face, but I still care enough to see this through.

Also, I see copycat Terrie is trying to sell ButchFemmeDance.com for $30,000. 



(Edited 3/22: Sadly, I didn’t realize my ex publicly posted every email I ever sent her on her own LJ. With that, I will make this friends-only post public to clarify. I am very out about my struggles with depression, but I am NOT bipolar. She is exploiting the fact that my depression was misdiagnosed years and years ago, but I haven’t been on meds for depression for many years and have absolutely NO symptoms of mental illness and have never once been manic or delusional or abusive. I’ve done nothing to warrant her takeover and I have fought to keep our private life from affecting our community. *EVERY* correspondence I have ever sent my ex is now public. I never had anything to hide. I tried my best to prevent all of this from being on the front page of B/F, and did my best to protect all of those who were not involved. She has always been very prideful of her chessplaying, and I am really sorry to our loved ones and to my community who were lied to and exploited as pawns. Our breakup was quiet, sad, and sane, and I honestly don’t know why she did all this to me and Meesha in the aftermath. But the lil sprite and I are both survivors and we are doing just fine. So if you are one of the people who has been following this needless public drama and your curiousity landed you here, please know that I never lied. I am stronger now than I ever was, and I’m still walking the path of love.)

If you want to contact me, it’s daddyrhon at gmail dot com.


  1. dlls2934

    I have learned through my life that if you leave people like that to their own devises they will eventually hang themselves either with their own greed, or their own hatred. It can take years but everyone’s karma eventually comes back, whether you believe in it or not.

    Just sit back and smile, patience is a virtue and the payoff is oh so sweet 🙂

  2. daddyrhon

    BRO! Don’t I know it? Our marriage counselor said I was *incredibly patient*. And she said it with awe too. lol

    It’s to her disgrace BF was used a blunt instrument, but I will be sad to hear when karma knocks her teeth out. Right now, BF has about half the traffic it once had. She’s only posted there a half dozen times all year, and doesn’t even return calls from her attorney. A large portion of her ‘board of trustees’ resigned and have since apologized to me. Really, I just wanted to get this lawsuit ridiculousness over with so the web site remains a resource for people.


    Lub ya, mayne. 🙂

  3. daddyrhon

    It expired over a week ago, and on my end it’s still down. Only a handful of people ever signed up for ButchFemmeDating and it never took off, so I guess no one has let her know it’s not there anymore.

  4. daddyrhon

    Oh. Yeah, Butch-Femme.com had been in my name for ten years. Then she changed the registration to “Mickey Mouse” for about a year before finally putting it in her own name and removing my copyright from every page. It’s actually incorporated. I dunno how she figures that’s going to fly in court. ::: shrug :::

  5. youngstudlyboi

    lol who would register anything in the name of Mickey Mouse? I mean she did, apparently, but seriously…..like anyone would believe that Mickey Mouse is a human being who is capable of proprietorship.

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