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Daddy Rhon is known as an outlaw poet, author, artist, speaker, kinkster, web developer, community organizer, queer activist, and a founding leader of the genderqueer movement

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  1. misadventurelad
    misadventurelad at |

    You should offer your photography services to people who use internet dating services. They’re always in need of more appealing photographs– and there’s nothing wrong with drawing the eye to the best parts of people and improving their environments.

  2. rev_hank
    rev_hank at |

    damn dude.
    thats amazing. you should be doing senior portraits to make a buck.

  3. maineconnie
    maineconnie at |

    Very nice!!

  4. daddyrhon
    daddyrhon at |

    Hee heee

    That’s funny. :)

  5. marshaslave
    marshaslave at |

    Your photography really is quite wonderful!

  6. syr4hyr
    syr4hyr at |

    she’s such a pretty girl! you do magic with the aftertouch dewd!

  7. levidaddi
    levidaddi at |

    How in the hell do you do that?

  8. dlls2934
    dlls2934 at |

    Nice Work, and good god dude, get a big stick. That kid is gonna knock em out.

  9. daraqw
    daraqw at |

    Be some mad skilz with the Photoshop! Color me green!

  10. daddyrhon
    daddyrhon at |

    I’ll put my green Photoshop filter on ya!!! 😉

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