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I am
ALWAYS! — a queer activist, aggressive, animal lover, artist, bbw admirer, biggo bear, bent, blessed, blonde, bull dyke, bulldagger, burly, butch dyke, caring, creative, crossdresser, D/S, Daddy, diesel dyke, different, dominant, dreamer, dood, dyke Daddy Dom, fat, female-bodied, female-born, female-souled, femme-fucking, femme-loving, fetishist, fey, freak, friend, full of love, geek, gender anarchist, gender defender, gender deviant, gender expressive, gender outlaw, gender warrior, genderfuck, genderqueer, gendertrash, guy, guydyke, hairy, heteroqueer, homoemotional, homovestite, huggy, human, hyper-sexual, intelligent, introvert, kinky, leather, leftist, lesbian-identity stretcher, lovah boy, macho, masculine, me, metagender, misunderstood, mosaic, muff muncher, nancyboy, no-op, otherkin, out, parent, passionate, pervert, philosopher, poet, queered out, queergendered, queer heterosexual, quiet, right-brained, romantic, sensitive, sex positive, she-bear, simplex/complex, sir, snuggly, stone,, stud, survivor, TG butch, The Gay, third gender, tomboy, top, transqueer, transy, voyeuristic, working class, white trash, writer, yestergay, old-school Butch Dyke Daddy!!!
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