Scored another fat web dev project that will pay the bills this month. The site is for a writing institute run by an author I admire very much.

Right up my alley. :)

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Daddy Rhon is known as an outlaw poet, author, artist, speaker, kinkster, web developer, community organizer, queer activist, and a founding leader of the genderqueer movement

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  1. feministransguy
    feministransguy at |

    *beams your way* 😀

  2. maineconnie
    maineconnie at |

    Very cool! Talk to me more in email about bartering and $$$! *g*

  3. evan_the_dragon
    evan_the_dragon at |

    Sweet! Congratulations!

  4. buz1
    buz1 at |

    Awesome…way to go.

  5. lizs18
    lizs18 at |


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