Need a web site?

Dear LJ friends…. are you pulled in several directions with all the social networking sites? Sad to see LiveJournal is on the wane? Have you been thinking about having your own site? 

You should let me build you a centralized site for your blog. I can transfer your existing livejournal posts into an easy to use content management system, empowering you to create pages and make changes as you see fit. Then you can automatically update lj, myspace, facebook, or whatever other social service site you use with an RSS feed from your main blog. I’ll also put up a gallery and show you how to use all the backend software. It takes a techy person (ME!) to set up the databases and a creative person (LIKE ME!) to design it well, but updating your site would be as easy as using any software program.

I’ve been paying my rent this past year doing small web sites for bloggers and for small businesses. Have references and examples, and will give share info if you are interested. I’m cheap and quite creative, and want you to LOVE the site when we are done.

I can set this up for you for about $500, but will do it for as low as $300 if you are easy to work with. That includes a year of hosting. I can also help you create a storefront or a community-driven site or whatever you’ve dreamed of.

Got know-how. Got time. Can do!~ Holla.

You can reach me at daddyrhon at gmail dot com, or send a message on livejourrnal.


  1. action_terry

    I had a few questions… If you don’t mind, that is…

    To begin with, I am interested in the website offer (as I always have been in having a website), though I am not really savvy to the entire internet thing in general except that it’s a place for me to find info and basically something to look at… Oh, and on-line gaming, of course…

    I have no idea how to approach it as there are many things I wish to accomplish though they don’t necessarily meld well together… I do apologize if I am being a bit vague, but I am still doing my own research and life overall has the humorous habit of getting in the way – A LOT!

    But, anyways, with this limited introduction as being a silhouette of me, I have added you to my friends list and I look forward to doing some business with you in the near future…


  2. blues_gal

    Let’s talk, I’m easy!! ( to work with that is 😉 ) I may have to do something with payments, but I sure would love to have a comprehensive comedy site.

  3. daddyrhon

    Re: I had a few questions… If you don’t mind, that is…

    Hit me up on Yahoo Messenger or send me an email at daddyrhon at gmail dot com. I’d be glad to talk to you about all your ideas.

    Nice to meetcha. 🙂

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