dear prudence

My lil babygirl rawks a pair of boots. Fierce in her femininity, yet lithe. No, gossamer girl don’t strut. Her lushness rolls hushed and honeyed, like the deepest amber leaf in an autumn breeze. She is pure lady, the kind you want to both rip and protect. And the men always look at my babygirl. Sometimes when she is ambushed by her own blaze, she wriggles under Daddy’s arm, breathless, giggly and tiny again. Oh, yeah. I like how she do. 🙂

Meesha is currently devouring *two* novels at once and has begun referring to herself as a ‘bookworn’. Heheh. You guys have no idea what a miracle that is!!! She found her Harry Potter-esque glasses that make her look like the curious tender girl she is. And she has been so careful to follow the rules the last few days, taking an extra minute to get her kitchen detail just right to please me. Way to get on Daddy’s good side, little girl.

As for me? It doesn’t matter if it is Tuesday or Friday. I don’t feel particularly social. I am in rebuild mode, quite intent on sharing my energy to warm my lil’ family right now. I am focused on a really calm place in my head and in my heart.

Today is Ebay day. Gawd help us awwwllll. I have another entire yard sale stacked here in my office. Managed to pound out the rent penny by penny for 6 months now, and that icy rod of fear is no longer piercing my breast as I churn through my days. I just keep getting tighter, and tidier, with more bass and more determination.


  1. syr4hyr


    glad to hear Meesh is taking a positive approach to things and yes babygirl was turning heads last night that’s for sure and you two make the cutest couple!

    I enjoyed the dinner, we need to try to do things together more often.

  2. youngstudlyboi

    I always love your writing, Rhon. If I had more time to spare the energy on, I would totally be able to write better with more imagery. Beautiful writing about a beautiful person in your life, indeed.

    Great news about Meesha! Maybe she’ll turn out to be a fabulous writer like you 🙂

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