we had some good times…

God, how I miss Butches and Femmes. Nothing is more delicious and perfect than the bubble we make when we are together, where it’s safe to flirt and just be. I hardly know any here in Dallas.

Miss you, miss you so much.


  1. 00thinker00

    I miss a lot of what used to be with b/f and some BASHes.

    I remember hanging out in that damn bar of the hotel in New Orleans and seeing all the Baptists rifle through. They were pretty darn friendly!!! But that bar is where I first started to love Jay & Jessica.

    And then begging the restaurant hostess for some bread as I ambled up to Kris’ & Annie’s wedding with a *serious* hangover.

    And the second Vegas BASH… I remember walking around a corner outside and seeing you leaning against a little half wall, waiting for Ash to come pick you up for a liquor run. I remember a feeling of brotherhood when I saw you there….some real love.

    And P-town… I remember every detail of that damn trip like it was just yesterday. That was such a damn special & meaningful time for me. So significant.

    I’m grateful to have had those experiences and to still have the memories. I hope there’ll be more. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but I’m not going to give up hope.

    I love you, and I am grateful to you for what you gave to me and so many others……and for your friendship.

  2. blues_gal

    Well I’m coming tomorrow with another sweet femme and my butch. Your house will be overrun!! And I bought a new corset so you can take pictures of me.

  3. caraeileen

    I miss them, too. Our b-f community here in the Seattle area seems so fragmented. It’s nothing like what I felt and saw at the Dallas bash a few years ago. There are some who do their best to organize events and such, but those events are infrequent and awkward (for me) at best. I guess I shouldn’t complain too loudly–I stopped trying to organize things years ago due to complacency (sp?) and drama. But yeah…I hear you. I miss that feel of community and belonging, too.


  4. 00thinker00

    I tried the organizing thing, too……quit for the reason you mentioned: complacency. I started taking it too personally, so I decided it was best to just let it go.

  5. stoprelaxthink

    I hear you. I am really grateful to live in a city with a really strong BF community. We are having a Valentine’s Day gathering at a femme’s home, and I’m looking forward to what you described.

  6. cracksback

    This just gave me pangs. Most of the time I just don’t think about it to know I miss it……but then you go and say something like this and it all comes rushing back how wonderful that was.

    Thanks for giving us all you did Rhon. You changed so many lives. Including mine.

  7. alphawolf0713

    yeah please do keep me posted. My schedule is going to be really tight because I am judging, but email me at master DOT wolf AT houseofwolf DOT com and i will give you cell #s.

  8. daddyrhon

    Good times. Til I die I will never forget Maeg on your lap in our suite in the middle of the day. All of the air was still and so so fucking gorgeous and enfused with the purest love… and the two of you touching fingertips and singing a little ditty. Sincerely one of the most poignant snapshots I have in my head, an image that defines my life.

  9. daddyrhon

    I’ll never ever forget your drunk ass licking my punch bowl. I touched the rim of it one last time at my yard sale for memories sake. 🙂 I had concerns about my marriage, but my best man was fucking solid as hell. My bachelor party and everyone choking on cigars. I hardly ever get to see you and don’t know when I will again, but the moments I spent with you were just an insanely perfect moments in time. I saved em all. 🙂

  10. daddyrhon

    I’m going to a Fuck Valentines party at the dungeon where I will be helping to man the photo set. Painting a crazy backdrop this week. The pansexual kinky peeps welcome me so warmly, but most of them don’t really see me like my own tribe does. I am glad you have that environment. Post pics!

  11. daddyrhon

    I can’t wait to see ya’ll. I swear I am gonna start cleaning any minute. Heh. I baked some carrot cake and babygirl made banana muffins with crumbles on top.

  12. daddyrhon

    My fave moment… Spence comes up to me and says “Look, Thinker has his ‘I love you man’ buzz on” and then I glanced across the crowded suite at you and you raised your beer and said, “I love you man!” Haha. I fukken love you, too. 🙂 And when you presented that beautiful stained glass to Chris and I in Dallas. That just tore me up. You were always so elegant and I was always so proud to call you brother. Thanks for everything you did to make those Bashes the best all those years, my friend. You really impacted alot of people, too, always someone sturdy and true whom we all counted on. I don’t know when I will get to see you again, but I am not giving up hope either. I am so grateful you are still in my life.

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