That awesome writing program I applied for recently at the very last second before deadline?


Yeah! They want me to start in the spring semester~~!!! I am very pleased they loved my work!

Deets: This is a unique, individualized course of study developed by the guy who created the AMAZING writing program at SMU (Southern Methodist U). I have taken several classes there over the last few years, and already know a few folks in the program from my various writers groups. You write for panel of professors culled from several universities, and then they also pair you more intimately with professional, successful mentors who get your work. Some of the mentors recently: Galway Kinnell, Kaye Gibbons, Albert Goldbarth, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Al Young, Li-Young Lee, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and Mark Doty. It’s 3 year program equivalent to an MFA study, all concentrated on honing your craft. I’ll be doing 50% work study and on a payment plan for the rest of it.

I am going in Monday to meet with the director!!


Maybe I was supposed to stay in Dallas for awhile afterall?


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Daddy Rhon is known as an outlaw poet, author, artist, speaker, kinkster, web developer, community organizer, queer activist, and a founding leader of the genderqueer movement

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  1. feministransguy
    feministransguy at |

    WOW! Fantstic. I’m not surprised you got in; surprised at the quick turn-around time though.

  2. annie_sparkles
    annie_sparkles at |

    YAYYYYY!!!! Excellent job!!

    This will be so right for you! Congratulations!

  3. rebelgrrrl1
    rebelgrrrl1 at |

    Congratulations! Yay!!!!!

  4. kaylith
    kaylith at |

    Sounds amazing! Congratulations.

  5. daddyrhon
    daddyrhon at |

    Ha. The last mouse gets the cheese, brutha.


    See ya tomorrow. Yay!

  6. frescaphile
    frescaphile at |

    It’s a week of dreadful events, to be sure. 😉

  7. daraqw
    daraqw at |

    Yay! This has promise. You are a fine writer.

  8. daddyrhon
    daddyrhon at |


  9. mjsslavebelle
    mjsslavebelle at |

    Daddy Rhon, congratulations! The best news. :) Happy Christmas, eh? {{{{{{{{Daddy Rhon}}}}}}}}

  10. frescaphile
    frescaphile at |

    I’m being saucy because it’s obviously been a GREAT week! Of course I’m delighted for you, Rhon.

  11. egvandrer
    egvandrer at |

    Awesome news.

    Must go to your site and read your writing.

  12. daddyrhon
    daddyrhon at |

    I am sitting on my hands so that I won’t tease you for saying “saucy”. 😛

  13. apocalipstic63
    apocalipstic63 at |

    Oh, this is wonderful!

    Congratulations! :)

  14. mamakai
    mamakai at |

    OH YEA!!!!!!! Congrats!

  15. catssu
    catssu at |

    oh yeah… glad to hear it Mister. and yeah… Dallas still has a place
    for you my friend! when do ya get published???

  16. mmmicx13
    mmmicx13 at |

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get back what you put out into the world. This is proof of that dear friend. Take care.

  17. missmameha
    missmameha at |

    this is excelent. You & Ravenouss , you both need to get published. (And i want autographed copies of your books).

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