We are family

I adopted my little MeeshaMeesh this morning!

At my lawyers suggestion, I dressed like a school marm in a soccer mom sweater vest with hideous red cardinals embroidered on it. We were both so overwhelmed with gratitude that this day was finally here! Even the judge was smiling kinda silly at us, and as we walked out of the courtroom, I saw some ladies dabbing their eyes. Little Meesha is still dancing around.

The lawyer was some random guy daddy_stone met on the plane from Dallas what seems like a million years ago. He did most of adoption proceedings pro bono, although I had to pay extra to fight the estranged uncle who filed for custody and held this up. The good thing that came out of that scare was Meesha found her voice.

To celebrate, we went to see King Tut’s treasures at the Dallas Museum of Art, and then had a picnic in Turtle Creek amongst all the exquisite fall colors.

From where we sat eating, I could see the rock next to the creek where me and Chris sat a dozen years ago, nearly breaking up even as we were just beginning. We had only been dating a short time when I realized she invented an alternate online persona and was playing me in some bullshit drama. I was very much in love with the young girl who would one day be my wife, even if she had just broken my heart with deceit. I decided to forgive her that day as we were sitting on the rock next to Turtle Creek. The rest is history, and some parts are actually true. I can’t forgive Chris for the treachery of our parting, but I am again putting the deceit behind me. I’m not even afraid of her pending lawsuit because there is nothing left for her to take! As I sat there all reflective in that same spot today, I realized how different I am now, silver-haired and all. In strength and in tenderness.

Glanced up at my little MeeshMeesh, who was just beaming in her best outfit, so happy that I am her’s and she is mine. I came to save this little orphaned angel who fell from the heavens, but then my life unraveled to bone. Sharing your life with a child makes time tick in a way so much more aligned. I realized our good news today reversed any heartbreak that was 2008. We saved each other. A shared genesis.

And now we are a family at last. 🙂


  1. miss_meryl

    Congratulations, Rhon. What a touching testament to your journey together. Out of the dust, my friend. Out of the dust.

    I got a little misty-eyed on this one too. 🙂

  2. huskyone

    Big congrats to you and Meesha, Rhon. And hey, your schoolmarm outfit doesn’t look too bad, what I can see of it. We do what we gotta do sometimes. If it gets us what we want, so what? So glad this worked out for you and you and Meesha will have an even better Christmas this year.

  3. rev_hank

    oh YES!
    Brimming with tears of joy over here, brother.
    My face hurts from smiling so much.
    Good thing you made the decision to stay where you were to solidify this.

    Im so happy for you both I cant STAND IT!!

    I love the shit outta you, Rhon Drinkwatah!!!

  4. catssu

    congrats to the new family on da block!!!
    now to move forward as one and take on the world as it is.
    life is very beautiful with you both as family.
    so very very happy for you both.
    Big Love!
    Seth and Dawn

  5. jolie72

    I am so, so happy for you and Meesha, Rhon! What a beautiful day for you both! May you both always find strength in the memory of this day as you walk into the future together.

    Yay!! 😀 !!1!!!!OMG!!!11!!!

  6. buz1

    Congratulations to you both. Sounds like a tough fight…but you kept going and made it happen. Awesome.

    I hope life continues to bring your family great things.

  7. wickedsuzi

    Rhon what a beautiful picture!!!! Little Tiny Heaven says she got your text message today and was dancing around the room in Jubilation!!!!

    We Feel The Need… The Need To SPEED to the big D so we can celebrate!!!!!! SOON SOON we shall!!!!

    So happy for you guys….. words just can’t tell it.

    {{{{{{{{{{from one tiny family to another}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. perabo_g

    Rhon, congratulations! It’s amazing when you have so much, though it might not be possessions or money…it is the simple things in life like love that make our lives so much happier! I am happy for you and Meesha…you make a great family!
    Peace and light my friend!

  9. daraqw

    Conga Rats! Now… you KNOW I am thrilled for both of you. But my more practical nature is screaming for me to remind you that your status just changed.

    You are now a single parent household–a single mom with one dependent child. This gives you some rights and access to some programs you could not get before that might help you financially. So do a little poking around to see what you two qualify for in terms of benefits. And don’t forget to file your 2008 taxes differently. 🙂

  10. femgyrl

    Congrats to you both! I love happy days.

    I know you aren’t from here (Tulsa) and will have no idea about this place I’m talking about but I still wanted to share.

    At Woodward Park there is this big rock that I share a lot of good memories with. In high school, I would go and sit and write in my journal (yes, I’ve always been a journaler)…in my early 20’s I sat on that rock and told my now ex husband that the girl I was living with wasn’t just a “roommate”…I’ve gone to that rock when I was sad or needed to think. My children even know where my rock is and that it has been an important part of my life. I’ve asked for my ashes to be sprinkled in the azaleas that surround this rock and for my family and friends to think of me when the azaleas bloom.

    I’m happy that you have found your rock in Meesh. Children center us, they make us see what it is to truly love and be selfless. They remind us what is good and decent in the world.

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